Digital Future’s Fleetmaster Now In Apple Game Center

Digital Future is pleased to announce that the multi-player online game FleetMaster is now available for download from the Apple Game Center. This is the ultimate classic battleship multi-player game, and is sure to be an instant favorite and instant classic of the Game Center. Sink your opponent’s ships before they can sink yours! FleetMaster features fast-paced single and multi-player action with leaderboards and achievements powered by the GameCenter.

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7 Responses to Digital Future’s Fleetmaster Now In Apple Game Center

  1. hrz says:

    Looks like inviting friends to a game of blast4 or fleetmaster doesn’t work by now. Looking forward for an update.

  2. eastlandgrl says:

    interesting, thanks

  3. Joel Ownby says:

    Playing with friends through game center has worked flawlessly according to all reports we have received. If you are having issues please elaborate and let’s get you fixed up!

  4. Grant says:

    It does not always update my wins – particularly when I’ve just rightly won a game vs someone quiting on me.

  5. Kaye says:

    I can’t play with friends either. It brings them up in the list and says waiting for them to respond but nothing happens after that. My friend doesn’t get notified of an invite and the same happens on her phone when she try’s to invite me

  6. Jon Carroll says:

    I just tried inviting a friend and playing with them, it worked great!

  7. Colin says:

    I have the same issue

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